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Always wanted a horse solarium, but do you also think the prices are crazy?

Then we can help @ EquiBeNe !!!!


It's yours for less than €900 including VAT and shipping. Click here and get in touch with one of our resselers throughout europe


Are you a reseller of equine equipment and would you like to offer our horse solariums in your shop or on your website? Please fill in your details here and we will contact you.

Dropshipping throughout Europe is our strength,

delivery within 5 working days guaranteed!




The S11 from EquiBeNe :

front standaard.png
standaard ph.png

* lightweight 14kg
* full aluminum, top closed
* 4 mounting eyes
* 11 red Philips 150w IR lamps
* 230v normal socket, plug in and burn!
* cable 2 meters
* 2 year warranty (excluding lamps)
* CE conform
* protected with foil for transport
* delivered in cardboard box and a additional wooden frame

* fast delivery guaranteed by our constant stock.
* assembled in 5min

2 ventilatoren.png

*Option to add 2 or 4 fans

4 ventilatoren.png

Coin machine 230v

* connection in 5 minutes using clear 

* works on € coins
* time indication
* pre-programmed for 0.50€/5min,       

  1€/10min, 2€/20min
* setting the time yourself possible
* payback model in combination with S11 :

  10 horses/week = 6 months
* including cable + 2 meter plug
* 330 € including VAT

muntsysteem fot.webp

You were at Pferd & Jagd and took a brochure with you?

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What does the consumption of an S11 solarium cost?

The average electricity cost in Europe per Kilo Watt Hour is 0.23€
The average duration that a horse is under a solarium is 20 minutes, so you can calculate that an average session costs 0.126€ (0.23€/h divided by 1000 x 1650  "Watt/h for the S11" x 20 minutes)

Why buy a Solarium for your horses?



Reduced risk of injury

The heat emitted can penetrate both superficial and deeper tissues. This stimulates blood circulation, cell metabolism and muscle relaxation.


Horses with tense muscles are more likely to get injured than horses with relaxed muscles. Like massages, horse solariums encourage the horse to release tension and relax.



Easy to heat up and cool down

One of the great advantages of a horse solarium is the reduction in warm-up time. A 20 minute pre-work session is ideal to warm up the horse's muscles before exercise.


Horse solariums are also very useful when work is already done. By promoting the breakdown of lactic acid after exercise, the device effectively prevents muscle stiffness, further reducing the risk of injury.



Maintain performance during the winter

Due to bad weather conditions, many horses lose their condition during the winter months. They take longer to warm up and cool down and their willingness to work decreases.


Research shows that horses that received an hour of light therapy every day were physically and mentally better able to cope with winter work. 



Increased blood circulation

As already mentioned, horse solariums promote good blood circulation in the horse's muscles. Especially beneficial where the saddle and rider's weight reduce blood flow to the back muscles.


Horse solariums with infrared lamps also increase the absorption of sugars into the blood. Increased blood circulation stimulates hormone production in mares and stallions, which is an advantage during breeding.



Fast drying

A horse solarium is effective in drying horses quickly. This is a great advantage in winter when horses take longer to dry after exercise.



Shiny coat

The heat from a horse solarium also stimulates the production of natural oils in your horse's coat and promotes shedding. As a result, horses have a smoother, shiny coat that is sure to stand out at shows!



Faster healing and recovery

Finally, horse solariums can even save you money on vet bills! Infrared heat exposure promotes tissue healing and repair, which is crucial for horses undergoing intense exercise.


Horse solariums can also help heal saddle sores and eczema, clear sinus congestion, and prevent muscle tension. Overall, they are an excellent form of therapy for horses, making horse solariums a worthwhile investment for many stables.

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